Friday, June 24, 2011

Princess Camp 2011

Princess Camp is one of three themed camps that my sister (Ann), myself, and friend, Kari Klaserner are taking turns hosting this summer for our daughters. Ann dreamed up the idea of Princess Camp and it has been the most wonderful week! There are five girls total and they memorize a Bible verse, work on crafts that pertain to the theme, and have lessons and Bible stories that apply to ages 2-5. Camp only lasts an hour and a half and is for three days with a field trip on the fourth day. The other two camps coming this summer are "Service Camp" hosted by me:) and then "Water Camp" hosted by Kari. The adults are having a blast and I think the girls are too!

The theme verse for the week was the following:

Beauty should not come from necklaces, clothes, or makeup. Instead, it should come from your heart. 1 Peter 3:3-4

Each of the girls said the verse by memory... what a great verse to plant in their hearts at such a young age.

 Auntie Ann teaching them their verse:)

 Zoe holding up her door hanger that says "what's in the heart is the most important part." She put on ruby red lipstick and kissed the inside of the heart! Precious!
 Each of the girls dressed up as princesses!
 Zoe sporting her shades. They were told to wear sunglasses and it represented how we see things differently when we have sunglasses on... similar to the concept of how God sees us differently by viewing what's in our heart, not what's on the outside!
 The campers made princess wands as a craft this week! So cute!
 Zoe painting her 'princess hat' that she will wear for the princess parade!!

 We had a princess parade the last day of princess camp! The barrels that they rode on were adorned with inner beauty qualities.
 They wore their tutus and princess hats they created and they waved their princess wands that they made!
 What a perfect ending to princess camp!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

praying for "The One"...

Sun gleaming down hitting her soft blonde hair just at the right angle to make it shine. She's so beautiful... She's not even three.

I find myself praying, pleading, crying out to God to bring her just the right one...the right one to love her...the perfect fit of a husband who loves God with all his heart and who's love spills over to one like her. One that will  honor her and respect her and so reflect the grace and love of God that she grows closer to her Creator everyday. A man who has kept himself pure and has waited for one like her. And I pray the same for her. That she would wait patiently for the one that God has for her...hand-selected and the perfect fit. That her eyes would stay focused on God and not be distracted by the things of this world. She is a gem. I pray for God's prevenient grace to go before her protecting her and helping her to make wise choices as she journeys this earth. For her innocence to remain and for her to see people through the eyes of Christ. For her tender-heart to never change. And I pray for "The One" who will appreciate these things in her.

Camping with Dad...

The night was perfect...the sun beaming down and the sweet sounds of birds in the background. It was camp-out night and Big Sis was learning from Daddy how to set up the tent.

The grill was fired up and burgers and hotdogs were sizzling along with sweet corn buttered to perfection in foil. Bananas with chocolate chips and marshmallows on the grill was the dessert of choice (by all but Daddy).

Little Man and Daddy played in the rocks and Big Sis tried to mow the yard.
tossing rocks

mowing the lawn

The camp-out began with a very wound up Big Sis. She was bouncing off the walls with enthusiasm to be sleeping under the stars in the nights breeze. She would count to three and then run and jump into the tent to land on the mattress. One would never have known that it was hours past her bedtime.
watching a movie with daddy

the first camp-out
 It was looking promising that she would fall asleep, but to no avail.

At a quarter till ten in the door walked Daddy and Big Sis... apparently "she never stopped talking the whole time" according to Daddy. Into her own little bed she went and was asleep only moments later.

We'll try the camp-out again another year and see what happens then. For now, I know that Big Sis has wonderful memories of her time with Dad!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The start of summer...

We've been enjoying the outdoors as much as we can this week. The sun has tuckered out the little ones and mommy too:). Here are some great shots from the week....

We picked up our first ears of corn from the store this week. Daddy had been aching for some fresh corn and so we indulged him....
zoe husking her first ear of corn

She insisted on eating it right then!

Juices running down her chin

She thought it was the best thing ever!

Enjoying every nibble

Roman soaking up the sun and some of the water too!

The two together had a blast in the baby pools!

Happy as a lark!