Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Lee Academy

The Lee Academy started this week! Big Sis' first week of preschool has begun... in our basement. With much excitement and build up, the day finally has arrived. The teacher is "Mrs. Lee"... although I am quite skeptical that she will call me this.

Day 1:
Here is Big Sis sitting at her desk eagerly awaiting instruction!

 Here are the Lee Academy school rules:

Day 2:

Here is Little Man brushing his teeth before "school". 

Courtesy of my sister's ingeniousness, I've started incorporating a fun way for Big Sis to get ready in the mornings before school. She has a grouping of 9 cards that each individually have an item listed on them that she needs to do before school. They are numbered in order and if she does all 9 she gets a special reward. It has been working really well.

Today we were learning about God's creation and specifically the moon and stars. Here Big Sis is doing a matching game on the phases of the moon.

Here is our flannel board with Days 1, 2, part of 3, and 4 of creation on it.

Big Sis is making her own "Creation Poster" and is gluing on "day" and "night"

Here is Big Sis posing for a picture outside of her reading Tepee.

We took some pictures of Big Sis with her doggie for her "All About Me" book.

 Here she is posing outside of her house.

 This is her posing with her favorite "toy"... her blankie.

 Here's a picture of Big Sis helping around the house.

 Doing her favorite activity: reading.

Posing in her bedroom:

 Big Sis and Little Man went outside for some much needed sunshine and fresh air. Here Little Man is enjoying a mid-morning snack of cantaloupe!

Big Sis and Little Man are enjoying playing in a multi-sensory concoction that I created from couscous, rice, animal crackers, and multi-colored pinwheel pasta. They enjoyed scooping it and putting it in containers then burying small toys in it.

Big Sis made her concoction into a "birthday cake" for "Mommy and Roman."

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pine Hill Vacation

For our vacation this year we headed out to Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts to stay at a vacation house owned by a friend of ours. It was set in a scenic, quiet, peacefully wooded area that allowed for taking a break from the normalcy of life. 

My parents joined us and here we are on our first morning enjoying breakfast! 
Roman loves his pancakes and was always trying to find a way to mooch more!

Big Sis and Daddy's favorite activity was hiking and exploring the woods and the brook that was so close by!

There were many a mornings where Daddy and Big Sis took walks to the nearby bridge and threw rocks overboard into the brook below.

Standing in front of Pine hill home

Zoe exploring

Zoe waving to Gma in the window

Zoe with Gma making clay creatures

Swimming at Pilgrim Pines Christian Camp

Roman swinging at Pilgrim Pines

Playing in the sand was a big hit!

Roman being a mischievous 'little brother'...what's he about to do?

Burying Big Sis in the sand!

Look closely and you'll see Zoe and Daddy outside in the woods. Daddy was telling the story of Hansel and Gretel and they were leaving a trail of breadcrumbs behind them. 

Playing with blocks and building stairs

Midweek we took a trip to Boston to check out the Freedom trail. Along the path we discovered a nice little spot to break for the kids. 
Roman timidly standing next to the fountains coming up from the ground.

Big Sis diving in to the action!

Roman getting a little braver!

Zoe made a little boat to float in the brook. It was made from bark and a toothpick.

Off to float her boat!

Pop pulling Roman and Zoe on the pine needles out back!

What fun!

The family going for a walk down to the brook on our final day!

Ben's goal was to jump into the brook before we left. Here he is gearing up!


Coming out after a refreshing dip in the brook!

It was a wonderful trip to Massachusetts and a great vacation! Thank you Mark and Charla for allowing us to use your home! We were blessed!