Saturday, April 23, 2011

Days full of going...days full of grace...

Roman meeting the Easter Bunny at the Neighborhood Egg Hunt
Three things checked off.... just four more to go. This weekend has been jammed packed full of activities (7 total!). Between Roman's first birthday and Easter festivities the Lee household has been rocking and rolling.

Filling her basket at the Egg Hunt

My 1000 Gifts List continued:
#109: First Birthdays
#110: The squeal of Little Man and Big Sis as they swing in the backyard
#111: The peaking of the sun through gray clouds
#112: Easter Sunday on the horizon
#113: Gma's sacrificial giving of her time to care for the little ones while mommy and daddy scatter and prep for the Egg Hunt
#114: A successful Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt (40 kids!)
#115: The smell of flowers in bloom that catches in the nostrils... just a whiff!  
#116: Getting dirty in the flower beds... i love being outside.
#117: An unscheduled, unexpected, lawn company mowed our lawn for us (did the zig/zap mow, trimmed, and everything)... I think they got the wrong house...great for us, bad for them.
#118: A trip to Amish Country with my sister
#119: Free ice cream cones
#120: A good deal on flowers

Happy Birthday Little Man

It was "Ro-Baby's" 1st birthday yesterday! My how time flies. Seriously, wasn't it just yesterday that he was born? Now he looks and acts like a little toddler with his cutie-boy haircut and uneasiness on his feet. 

Here's a tribute to Little Man:

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

these hands...

With hands clenched to the steering wheel, I look down. Wow, how could I have not noticed it before? Where did these creases come from? At the next red light I study them a bit more. These hands look like the age that they are. My children's hands are smooth, soft, not a blemish to be found. These hands of mine have scars and the beginnings of wrinkles. Where has time gone? What have these hands been doing the past 30 years? Have they been productive in fulfilling their purposes? Has their idleness led to death when it could have brought life to someone through the written word or the dialing of a phone? My prayer is that these hands would bring life. 

Here are a few things that our hands have been up to these days:
This Easter season Big Sis and I spent some time coloring Easter eggs. 

The display of color was astounding to her and she added a tinge of gold sparkle to finish them off. 

This evening was LifeGroup night and we hosted a Sedar Meal for the whole group.

Luke 22:19  
19 And he took bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to them, saying, “This is my body given for you; do this in remembrance of me.”

Pastor Husband led it as the 'host' and sat in the 'host' seat... the seat that Jesus would have sat in for the Last Supper. The symbolism is incredible and each time I am involved in a Sedar meal, I always learn something new. There are four cups that represent Exodus 6:6-7. They are the "I will" cups:

1.) Cup of Blessing: I will bring you out from under the yoke of the Egyptians. 
2.) Cup of Judgement: I will free you from being slaves to them.
3.) Cup of  Redemption: I will redeem you with an outstretched arm.
4.) Cup of Praise: I will take you to me as my own people.

Praise God for Redemption through His Son Jesus Christ who's hands were pierced for us and who's body was broken for my sin. Praise God for the Risen Savior!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

"Showered" with Cakes and Eggs...

Started the day off by icing Roman's birthday cakes. His individual sugar-high cake will be a mini Wilton Bear Cake (see image below)

I love 1st birthdays. When I was very young (one or two) for my birthday my mom made me a mini Wilton Bear cake. I did it for Zoe's 1st birthday and now am doing it for Roman's. It's a great tradition.

The next part of the day involved prepping for the Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt. With over 1000 Easter Eggs to fill with candy, we invited a neighbor family to join in on the fun:). We had a pizza party and good conversation and started packing the eggs full of candy. In about a 1/2 hour it was complete! Many hands make light work!

Next I headed out to a bridal shower with an overseas/missions theme... so cute, and so well done! Pastor Husband (the best!) fed and put the kids to bed.

Now the day is wrapping up and preparations are underway for Palm Sunday. Should be a great day.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Fairy House...

We watched the movie TinkerBell just the other night. With visions of fairies still in her head, Big Sis, set out to make her very own fairy house. Maybe just maybe, she would catch a fairy.

She decorated it with ribbons and flowers and her own special "artwork." She placed a small rock table and a little rock bed in there with some bubbles too. She added some stickers and behold... a fairy house.

In case anyone is wondering... she never did catch a fairy.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Count them one by one...

Although I haven't been blogging in the past few days... I haven't stopped counting my blessings. They are more numerous than ever these days - filled with people who give selflessly and snuggle up along side me on this journey called "life." Whether it be a phone call or message from a neighbor, a family member who pours themselves out in an offering of love, or a friend who breaks bread with us and uplifts my spirits. The blessings are everywhere.

Little Man and Big Sis are doing well. They pick on each other like brother and sister always do, but they truly love one another with kisses and tickles. What would life be like without these two? And now a third little Lee will join the clan. Oh we can't wait to meet him or her.

We have chosen to continue with the mystery of not finding out the gender of the baby until Birth-day. This always is an exciting time as we ponder and speculate about this little one. I've been nauseous continually throughout the day depending on what I've eaten or not eaten, but it continues to be manageable. I've decided to crack open the 4 totes of maternity clothes my sister has lent me. Why wait?!? The clothes are more comfy and that's all that matters to me now.

Here's my 1000 gift list continued:

#80: Husband doing an all-nighter shift tending to the sick child.
#81: Sunshine and 60s
#82: Lillies blooming
#83: Cousins who love each other
#84: Donuts on a Friday morning
#85: Money that seems to stretch even when it seems impossible
#86: The giggles of Little Man being tickled under his neck
#87: Homemade cloth diaper detergent that works like a charm!
#88: IceCream Crawling Games with Daddy

#89: Sleep that refreshes
#90: The drone of the neighbors lawn mower
#91: The taste of good quality coffee (decaf of course!)
#92: Creativity that breeds creativity
#93: Love that gives selflessly
#94: Big Sis' creative problem solving (building a step out of books)
#95: A great Faith Promise Sunday morning!
#96: A cough free night from Little Man... God does answer prayers!
#97: 82 degrees, sunny, time spent outside with a cool breeze and walks at the park!
#98: Ice cold frosty glass of Lemonade
#99: The smell of grills going in backyards
#100: April birthdays (busy, but fun!): Ryli, Bayli, Derrick, Roman, & Sean!!!
#101: Generous friends who go above and beyond
#102: Cloth diapers (Fuzibunz to be exact)... I am truly grateful (this isn't a joke:)
#103: A talented and gifted husband
#104: Big Blue Baby Eyes
#105: A satisfying and exhausting day that leaves you spent... in a good way
#106: Binky's...the gift of sleep
#107: Fresh breezes swirling in the air
#108: Big Sis tickling Little Man

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Grumbling leads to Death

Some days are harder to find the good in than others. But God calls us to be grateful no matter the circumstances. Just like the Israelites who wandered in the dessert for 40 years and with complaints and grumbling on their tongue... what did it get them? Death. Those who grumbled did not see the Promise Land, but instead ended their lives in the dry, misery of the desert (Numbers 14:27-35).

I don't want my life to be dry and full of misery...where I am just scraping in the desert with cracked lips and on the verge of death. I want to live a vibrant life. Jesus has rescued me from this dry and weary life...I don't want to live like I'm still in it! Like the story of the 10 Lepers in Luke 17:12-19 where Jesus heals ten, but only one is thankful.... I want to be that THANKFUL one!

So, despite the day I had... I choose to be thankful. I chose to live victorious and with meaning. I chose to live like I am in the Promise Land... because.... I am!

1000 Gifts List Continued:
#73: Jesus' blood shed for me
#74: the gift of speaking up when a voice needs to be heard - to speak for the oppressed
#75: Easter Eggs Galore

#76: An evening at home
#77: The insurance liaison at my doctor's office... Praise God for advocates!
#78: a friendly smile when a door was opened
#79: No ear infections

Monday, April 4, 2011

Grateful for the ordinary...

The last few days have been challenging on a number of levels. Despite the efforts to curb some of the ill feelings with crackers by the bed... it still lingers...that 'ugh' feeling. It comes in waves and is not totally crippling, so I am grateful. But it makes the days just a tad bit harder.

Fatigue seems to always be present. Little Man is getting more and more mobile and is developing a sense of purpose in life...sole mission is to terrorize Big Sis, who does not handle this well. With many episodes of tears a day from 'pinches' or 'pulls'... the grips of Little Man abound. [for those who have had much exposure to Little Man, he truly can be viscous - he doesn't yet understand the effects of those little pinchers and innocent nibbles].

Conversations were just taking place how Little Man and Big Sis have been healthy for the last few weeks! Praise God! Well... what would you know, but Little Man has come down with a cough and it has really affected his sleep the last few nights. With many an episode of awake-fullness in the middle of the night, the Preacher has had to tend to him - for when I stand up quickly to do so, I get nauseous. And with days like today with rain pattering on the roof and the damp and dreariness outside...all of our eyelids are on the verge of falling down.

Still in pajamas and it is going on 11am. Yikes. It is just one of those days. Despite all of this, we manage to still get some things accomplished...the homemade laundry detergent is complete, dishes done, and the laundry that rises a mile up the shoot is slowly creeping down.

I am taking on the challenge to jump start my 1000 gifts list by doing 7 gifts a day from now till Easter. That will add 147 gifts to my list that is currently at 65:). I think that's pretty good. If anyone is interested... there's a free little printable booklet that can help you get started too. Here's the link to the "7 Gifts {good & perfect}" booklet.

#66: A long, much needed restful nap from Little Man.
#67: the tenderness and concern of Big Sis when I'm not feeling well.
#68: Clean counters
#69: Good friends and hospitality
#70: A selfless giving family that lives close
#71: Kids to bed early
#72: A loving, helpful husband that folds laundry:)